V.E.T. Eating Nutrition Module

This is what it's all about! The reason why I have been grinding all this time. The ability to give back to Southside of Columbus and showing these young men anything is possible no matter where you come from. Couldn't be more blessed and proud of where God has taken me, and the opportunities he has blessed me with. 

Superior Nutrition & Performance's V.E.T. Eating module with Gregory A. W. Gantt: Each 1 Teach 1 Foundation and an OSU Extension: I Am My Brothers Keeper...VET Eating stands for "Vital Education Through Eating" where we teach this young men the tools they need for proper growth and development through nutrition education. The nutrition module consist of fundamental food principles, nutrition education, sanitation, and basic cooking concepts and techniques as well.

We also incorporate the I Am My Brothers Keeper's "G.R.O.W.T.H." model which stands for: Goals, Resilience, Optimism, Wellness, Time Management, and Hope for the Future. 

Stay tuned because this is the first gallery of many more Saturday's to come. This module will be held at the Marion-Franklin Community Center on most Saturday's throughout the school year. 

This second half of the gallery was the second semester of the "V.E.T. Eating" module created by Gregory A.W. Gantt and I. It was an amazing experience to give back to the community the way we did. We were able to not only show the youth proper cooking and sanitation techniques, but we got to end the module with a field trip to "Fusion" sushi restaurant. This was a volatile experience for these young men, where opportunities to explore new foods that may have more nutrient density and cultural diversity are not always present.

After not only exploring healthier recipes of familiar foods that were nutrient dense and budget conscious in our nutrition topic discussions and food labs weekly, the ability to expose these children to a new experience was a blessing. We rewarded the students with a recipe book of their own that contained photos of their final product and action photos of them preparing the foods as seen in the gallery, along with utensils and kitchen supplies in their gift bags that will give them the tools they need to prepare the foods within the recipe book at their own leisure. Unfortunately, this was the last semester of the program, but we hope to bring back this module at a later date. Special thank you to my brother Clarence Jackson, and the assistance of Bree Stack of "I Am My Brother's Keeper", and support of "Columbus Urban League" for assisting us with making the vision happen for the future generation of my community.