What is the difference between an RD/RDN and a Health Coach or nutritionist without the RD/RDN credential? 

Those who are entitled as RD/RDNs may refer to themselves as nutritionist, health coaches, or wellness coaches, but nutritionist and health coaches without the RD/RDN credentials are not allowed to call themselves registered dietitians. 

Within a registered dietitians undergraduate college coursework, dietitians are required to study a number of subjects including food and nutrition sciences, medical nutrition therapy, nutrition counseling, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, anatomy, chemistry, food service systems, business, economics, culinary arts, sociology, and communication. The additional nutritional counseling and knowledge application is learned through an ACEND accredited supervised practice program, commonly known as a “dietetic internship” in a clinical, community, and food service setting combined with a undergraduate or graduate program. In these accredited programs, dietetic interns are required to obtain 1200 supervised practice hours, and upon completion must pass the Commission on Dietetic Registration national examination. To maintain registration, registered dietitians are required to complete continuing professional educational credits. 

Health’s coaches and registered dietitians share a similar mission in the health industry, and that is to have a positive impact on the health and wellness of individuals, groups, and the community. Health coaches offer the expertise and knowledge on specific topics involving nutrition and wellness, but the program behind their education have a less focus on the nutritional sciences, disease process, and medical nutrition therapy compared to registered dietitians, and did not earn the RD/RDN credential. 


What services do you offer? 

Superior Nutrition & Performance offers individual consulting, team services, and coach’s clinics for team organizations, clubs, and coaching staffs. The sports nutrition consulting offered educates athletes and individuals on developing the adequate relationship with food and its impact on performance. Services rendered are individualized for each athlete and client. Superior Nutrition & Performance works with all athletes including middle school, high school, collegiate, amateur, elite, and professional. 


What is the set up for individual consulting? 

Initial consults are 90 minutes to help learn more about the individuals training, lifestyle, dietary intake, and both previous and present goals. This initial consult allows for the development of the individuals personalized nutrition plan. Follow up sessions are typically 30-45 minutes long, where the frequency of follow ups are determined by the time frame and severity of the individuals goals. 


How are your team services set up? 

Team services are set up as one time nutrition education talks at training camps or as requested. Multiple talks are offered as well, where different topics are given in a series through out the season or pre-season. The owner travels to the team’s location. More information on team services is available upon request. 


Do you sell or endorse any supplemental products or companies? 

Superior Nutrition & Performance does not sell any supplemental products or endorse any supplement companies. With Superior, it remains independent to assure that its clients are receiving unbiased, evidence-based recommendations. 


How do I schedule a consult or service? 

To schedule a consult or inquire about other services listed, please call (614) 216-8211 or email 


How can I pay for my appointment(s) and services? 

Accepted methods of payments in person include cash, check (made out to: Superior Nutrition & Performance, LLC), major debit / credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB), and online credit / debit card payments via Square invoicing. All payments are due at the time of your schedule consultation for your convenience.