Individual  Services

Initial consult

To gain access to our plans and insights an initial consultation is required for all new clients. The initial consultation includes a variety things required for us at Superior to make sure we provide you with an optimum plan and service. Details of the initial consult below.  

o macro timing goal blue print

o assessment of sport and position analysis

o dietary analysis and recall

o body composition analysis

o goal setting scope

o coordination of care with trainer if applicable

o supplement evaluation 

o insight readings tailored to sports

o general nutrition recommendations 

Progress Sessions

o Review of body composition changes and dietary intake

o Additional recommendations tailored to progression of goal

o Adjustments based on changes of goal and training

Macro Timing and Counting

o Includes spreadsheet of timing of macronutrients specific to training and rest sessions

Menu Planning

o Pre and post training day meals,off training day meals, hydration replenishment  (all menus are tailored to the individual.

o Unlimited meals tailored to position, sport, and goals

o includes training and rest days

o Weekly

o Bi-weekly

o Monthly


I am now offering an exciting new service called Nutrigenomix. It is a simple genetic test using your saliva that will help me create personalized nutrition recommendations that are based on your DNA! Please read more in the attached resource and call for your appointment.